The professional way to Export Thunderbird to Outlook for Mac / Win

Have you tried to export Thunderbird to Outlook for Mac but failed. And are you looking for answers that could help you to export Thunderbird to Outlook? Then here is the best solution for you.

Exporting Thunderbird to Outlook for Mac can get really easy if you use the right kind of tool for the same. The process of conversion is not really that difficult if you have the right kind of tool in your hand. To get the right tool you have to make research in the market. This can get really time-consuming and can also be misleading. You cannot keep on trying and testing each and every tool to know which tool would suit you the best. Here with the team of experts we have made the review and came up with a tool that would help you in exporting Thunderbird to Outlook for Mac.

Export Thunderbird to Outlook for Mac with the best results

So far the Mail Extractor Pro  by USL software tops the list of conversion tool when it comes to exporting Thunderbird to Outlook for Mac. This tool has a set of amazing features which will help you to glide through the entire process by consuming less time and offering you with the accurate result.

Export Thunderbird to Outlook

Let’s get down to the list of features that the tool has for exporting Thunderbird to Outlook for Mac.

User interface

This tool has an amazing user interface. It is self-intuitive and it does not take you through unnecessary steps. The developers at USL software believe that the lesser the human interference the greater and better is the output result. Hence this tool does not ask you to be a professional when it comes to making the conversion. Any person who does not have much of technical knowledge can also get the conversion done in no time.

Export Thunderbird to Outlook for Mac

Double-byte character conversion

When you are to export your Thunderbird to Outlook for Mac it is quite possible that you might be coming across different languages for your communication. Some of the languages include double-byte characters in them. Most of the tools that are in the market do not offer double-byte character conversion. Because of this the data sometimes converted is in the form of symbols and does not make sense.

Metadata conversion

When you have official emails floating it is quite obvious that it might be having different file attachments like presentations, Excel sheets, timestamp, etc. For exporting Thunderbird to Outlook for Mac in the correct manner it is necessary that all such data is also converted. You do not want your unread emails to show as read when you convert from Thunderbird to Outlook. This tool understands each and every complex data and converts it in an exact manner.

Automatic data scanning facility

These are the amazing features of this tool for exporting Thunderbird to Outlook for Mac. You can also use this tool to directly extract the files from your Thunderbird mailbox rather than uploading MBOX file formats on to the tool. This will make your process even easier and less time consuming for you.

Export Thunderbird to Outlook for Win

Get the free trial of the tool today to convert Apple Mail, Postbox, Thunderbird to Outlook as well as MBOX to PST file format for Mac & Windows Outlook.


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